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Lambada Movie 1989 Download Link

The French managers Olivier Lorsac (aka Olivier Lamotte d'Incamps) and Jean Georgakarakos formed the band Kaoma in France after Lorsac was exposed to lambada in March 1988 during his visit to Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil. Lorsac and Georgakarakos bought the musical rights to over 400 lambada songs from the Brazilian music publisher Continental. Lorsac admitted he and Georgakarakos had heard a "remarkably similar" song by the Hermosa brothers, later recognized by French court to be Márcia Ferreira's hit cover version.[41][42][43][5]In France of 1989, Kaoma's song was used in a television advertisement for Orangina.[44]

Lambada Movie 1989 Download Link

In France, "Chorando Se Foi (Lambada)" was covered by another group, Carioca, which peaked only at No. 22 on 9 September 1989 and remained in the charts for nine weeks.[50] It was also covered, around that time, by other Brazilian singers, such as Fafá de Belém, whose 1985 album Aprendizes da Esperança was an early exponent of the lambada rhythm. In that same year, a cover by Regina appeared on the album Lambada Tropical (credited to Chico Mendés) and on the compilation albums Max Mix 9[51] and Hits '89.[52][53]

Its original writing credit was the suitably Brazilian-sounding Chico de Oliviera. Released in 1989 with a gigantic publicity push, "Lambada" became a huge worldwide hit. In the spring of 1990, there were even two simultaneously released cheapo lambada exploitation movies: Lambada and The Forbidden Dance, the latter of which prominently featured Kaoma's recording, as well as an English-language cover by Kid Creole & the Coconuts.

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