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Download ((LINK)) File Knight

To access the JFMM offline, you may download the Zipped JFMM or one combined Seachable JFMM. After downloading the zip file you will need to unzip it to a location on your computer. From there double click on the JFMM folder and then double click on the 00_JFMM.pdf file to navigate through the document. These documents are large files and will take several minutes to download.

Download File Knight

A.M. Best provides access to a Multi-State Searchable Database for a fee per state. The database allows users to view and download the complete filings for both Commercial and Personal lines as filed by Property/Casualty companies with the state. For further information contact A.M. Best at or call 908-439-2200 Ext 5674. 041b061a72

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