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Just When I Needed You Most - Eddie Lovette

On the expectations she had coming in: Our whole team expectation is to win. This is our meet, this is our track, so when we come out here we always expect to win, to represent our school as best as we can.Arman Hall (Florida), 1,600-meter relayOn his thoughts of the race: Dedric (Dukes) gave me a lead, so I knew I just had to extend it and not get caught. That's my job as the anchor, is just to do as I can to win us the 4x400 and any relay possible.On the atmosphere of Texas Relays: It's amazing. I love coming here. Texas is a beautiful place with a great crowd. They love track; I can see it. It's amazing. I just have so much fun when I'm here.Ricky Robinson (Ole Miss), high jumpOn his performance today: I felt pretty good about my performance. I jumped better than I did last week, so that's a progression. I tried 7'8 in my last attempt but, I couldn't quite get it but there'll be more times I'll be able to get it. I felt pretty good over the bar though.On the atmosphere in Texas Relays: The atmosphere is great. It takes a little while for the crowd to get into it, but once they're finally into it, they'll give you all the love you need.Morgan Snow (Texas) 100-meter hurdlesOn her thoughts of the race: I thought, I did pretty good. My indoor season was really awful so I just had to work a little harder to get back out here for outdoor season. I made some big changes, they're working.On the crowd and atmosphere at Texas Relays: The crowd is huge. I love the crowd. Everybody, no matter where they're from, is like 'go Longhorns, go Texas,' and it's an amazing atmosphere.Kimberly Williamson (Central Arizona), high jumpOn winning her first Texas Relays: I've only been to Penn Relays so I told my coach that I wanted to go to Texas Relays this year. Coming here and winning that was my initial goal, no matter the competition. So coming here and winning, it's a great feeling. I'm ecstatic for that.Carlyle Roudette (Texas A&M), 800-meter relayOn winning the event at Texas Relays: It feels great. It's my senior year, so I'm ready to go out with a bang. It's an event I don't usually do; I'm mostly a 400 (meter) guy so it felt good to try something different to better my team.On how it feels to improve and do better than last year: It's always great to do better. That's my main goal to get better every time. I can't even be mad as long as I'm getting better.Ashley Spencer (Texas), 800-meter relayOn how it feels to win her first event of the afternoon: It feels good. We put in the work, we knew this was going to be a big meet, especially coming off Indoor Nationals. It feels great to get the day started this way.On how it feels to win and compete in her first Texas Relays as a Longhorn: It feels awesome. It is our home meet. It's expected for us to dominate as best as we can in all of our events, being able to contribute to our success is a blessing.On what was key to victory today: The key to victory today was chemistry, trusting our teammates to just to run fast and have fun.High SchoolDesiree Freier (Justin Northwest), pole vaultOn how it feels to break the national record her during her senior campaign at Texas Relays: It's great. I mean this was my goal to come out here to break the national record. I was fortunate enough to come out here and break it. On what she improved on this year to get her to where she is: I'm just on bigger sticks gripping higher on the pole than I was last year so that helps a lot!Alexis Duncan (Desoto), 100-meter hurdlesOn what her first time at Relays feels like: I'm happy to be here! I've never been here before. There are a lot of people! On how it feels to win her race as a sophomore: I'm really proud of myself. I didn't even think I was going to make it this far.Kami Norton (Albany), 100-meter hurdlesOn being at Texas Relays: It's kind of like a warm up for state, so I really like it. Coming down here, being in the atmosphere, and watching college athletes is really inspiring. You feel the adrenaline pumping.On winning: I'm happy that I won. I've been working hard all year, so I'm satisfied.Chevis Armstead (DeSoto), 100-meter hurdlesOn being at Texas Relays: This is my second time here. I made a PR today, so I'm excited. It's been kind of slow for me here over the past year and at state, but I'm hoping to keep getting better.On winning: I'm ecstatic. My goal was to just get a medal so I'm excited that I won.Keenan Ivy (Lancaster), 400-meter relayOn winning at the Texas Relays: It was good. Good first time experience.On thoughts about the race: It was good. [Reggie] Garner ran a good first leg. Gabriel Walker ate them up in the middle. Elijah Boyd - he did good to get a good push.Jade Lewis (Long Beach Poly), 400-meter relayOn running fastest time in the country: It was so good to break 46. We've been trying to do that. After what happened in 4x2-meter relay; we were really angry, we really had to come out here to win. We said that before we got on the track.Reese Thompson (Argyle), 100-meter hurdlesOn thoughts about winning: I have wanted to win here for the last couple of years. I usually clip one but, this year I really prepared well coming into this Texas Relays. I've been practicing to execute perfectly.On being at the Texas Relays: It's such an amazing opportunity just to sit in the stands or warm up; you see Olympians and awesome D1 athletes. It's just like a dream of mine to see them, especially here.Malcom White (Katy Taylor), 100 metersOn thoughts about his race: I came off the blocks pretty well. I had a pretty good finish. I was just trying to get to the finish-line but, I started stumbling at the end. 10.57 seconds is a pretty good time.On being at the Texas Relays: It's good. It's my third year here, it feels good to be back in the finals.Teahna Daniels (First Academy), 100 metersOn thoughts about her race: I just ran my race. I just wanted to keep my race, get in a draft.On winning at the Texas Relays: This is amazing. I'm in shock. Coming from Florida, there are a lot of big athletes in Texas, I just wanted to put Florida on the map.Sierra Peterson (St. Mary's Academy), 1600-meter relayOn Texas Relays: It's pretty big for me. I look up to a lot of elite and collegiate athletes so it's good to see how they compete so I can try to learn for myself.On about her race: I felt pretty good. At about the 200 mark after he said we had a 30-meter lead, I said "Ok I got this." I started tightening up at the end but I pushed through it and helped us get a better time.Isiah Pittman (Taylor), 1600-meter relayOn Texas Relays: Feels really good. We are from pretty far away so it's really cool to be here.On thoughts about race: I knew I had to push hard and I saw how close they were to us so that's what I did. It started hurting at the end.Eric Age (Lancaster), 1600-meter relayOn thoughts about his race: We just went out there and won. Our coach told us to go 3:14 and that's what we did.On Texas Relays: It's a good feeling. It makes you run faster. When I came out here, I was scared but I called my mom, she told me to just go out here and do what you do best - win.Felipe Valencia (La Joya Palmview), Shot PutOn the level of competition and his last shot: It's great competition here at the Texas Relays and just happy that I won. That last shot felt good through the back, it was just in the middle where I kind of stumbled a little bit. It wasn't a good throw but I won and that's all that matters. I hope to be back here next year.Akeyla Mitchell (CC West Oso), 100 metersOn how it feels to come out on top: Great, especially because I'm a senior. I feel awesome. Last year, I got third place, the year before that I didn't place. So I ran with a chip on my shoulder, I really did. I was scared, but I blocked everyone out when I ran - it was just me and the finish line.Leon Powell (Kennedale), 100 metersOn thought about his race: This is my first time winning at the Texas Relays. It's truly a blessing. I can say that my hard work reflects my success. My teammates and I have been working pretty hard. The Relays have been a great preparation for the 100s. But, I'm not happy with my time right now, I hope that by the end of the season I improve to a 10.2 or 10.3. I can definitely improve on my start.Devin King (Jewel Sumner), pole vaultOn winning his first Texas Relays: I came in and the wind gave me a good push the whole meet. I got my 16 feet poles about two weeks ago, I'm still getting used to them. I felt great and cleared 17'4. It was just a matter of trusting the 16 foot poles.On the Texas Relays crowd: It was great. There's a bunch of people and the wind was great for pole vaulters. Ever since my sophomore year, I've wanted to come to Texas Relays, I finally came and it was great. I wasn't prepared like I thought I was but I still did good.Kaitlin Rodriguez (Canyon), 1600-meter relayOn the emotions of winning at the Texas Relays: It's very nerve wrecking, especially during the race, plus we don't usually run 800's. The crowd gets you pumped up, we got very excited. We blocked out everything. We didn't really pay attention to anything else but the race.On the close finish: I don't even know what happened. I didn't want her to beat me. We won at the very end, we kicked in and we were ready to go. It's so unreal. We can't even process it right now. We feel very blessed.Lawson Belcher (Keller), 1600-meter relayOn performing at the Texas Relays: It's great to come out here in front of all these fans and show everyone what we are made of. Show that we work hard and we compete. It's cool to be out here on this fierce competition track, especially to come out on top. On the preparation leading towards the event: We are working hard, running hard every day and doing all these repeats. That is what it takes. It feels good. We didn't get enough sleep but I think we ran pretty well. We are proud of what we did.Daja Gordon (Dal Hampton Prep), 400-meter relayOn her thought process during the race and the crowd noise: I saw that we had a lead, but I know that a lead shouldn't put you at rest. I was pushing it throughout the whole race to be able to finish strong. I don't really hear the crowd when I'm racing. I just focus on my running. We work really hard every day, getting consistent. We are still working to become better and making our times better.Tyreik Gray (Episcopal-Bell), 400-meter relayOn the thrill to win at the Texas Relays: I was pretty good. We won last year, so we repeated the same thing. We work hard every day, even if it's on weekend.

just when i needed you most - eddie lovette


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