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Where To Buy I And Love And You Cat Food

If dog food is our bread, then cat food is our butter. Like all of our food, our cat products maintain a high level of quality and deliciousness with a focus on keeping all the scary stuff out. All of our cat foods are completely grain-free and include prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion. Select ingredients also promote healthy skin and coats. From the kibble to the can, real meat is always the first ingredient in our cat food, so you can sleep tight knowing your cat is getting exactly what he needs.

where to buy i and love and you cat food

Though I and Love and You cat food has never been recalled, their dog treats have. In July of 2015, I and Love and You issued a recall of their beef gullet dog treats due to potential salmonella contamination.

The food also contains some plant ingredients, with cranberries and spinach coming straight after beef liver. These are relatively low-glycemic, but the food also contains some high-carbohydrate ingredients, with sweet potatoes and carrots appearing later on the ingredient list.

Later on the list, the food contains duck, dried whole egg product, and pea protein, all additional sources of protein. After a long list of synthetic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, the food is supplemented with a variety of probiotics.

With meat-rich recipes featuring a mix of muscle meat and organs, splashes of salmon oil, and some of the lowest carbohydrate percentages in the industry, I and Love and You canned cat food is an outstanding option.

I just recently purchased I and Love and you Naked Essentials Grain Free with Salmon and Trout dry food for my teenage cattens (they will be a year old the end of April) and was wondering if you had any opinion/feedback on that line.

Much like their cat food, their cat food treats are made from real animal protein, with minimal plant protein. Overall it seems like a good choice for most cats. For example if we look at MEOW AND ZEN HEARTIES ingredient list:Chicken, chicken liver, glycerin, ground flaxseed, natural flavor, guar gum, pea fiber, salt, inulin, pumpkin, dandelion greesn, cranberry powder, broccoli, sweet potatoes, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), chamomille, lavender, passion flower.

So sad to hear that you changed your ingredients and no longer have a fruit and veggie formula for purky turkey. My cat has bad food allergies and has high protein and elevated liver enzymes from high protein grain free wet food that he has eaten prior. He has been feeling so much better that I switched to this food, now I have to shop around again to find a single protein turkey and veggie ingredient food with out peas. It breaks my heart to know he might be sick again till I find another food.

Compared to other dry foods, the carbohydrate content would be considered moderate, but according to the All About Cats standard, we would view this as a high-carb food and not a particularly species-appropriate choice for your cat.

Summary: This holistic cat food in the form of crunchy kibble is made with real salmon as the first ingredient. In addition to using real meat, the food includes prebiotics and probiotics for digestive support. It is grain-free and does not include ingredients like soy, corn, rice, wheat, by-products, or artificial preservatives. The formula comes in two different flavor and protein sources. Both options are complete and balanced and can be used for cats of all ages.Type: Dry cat food

Summary: This wet cat food in the form of delicious and water-rich pate is made with real chicken and veggies. It is balanced to support growth and maintenance and can be used for kittens, adult cats, and seniors. The grain and filler-free recipe is also free from carrageenan, which is unusual for wet foods. The protein-rich formula is available in different flavors and is perfect for picky eaters.Type: Wet cat food

Summary: This dry food comes in a delicious salmon & sweet potatoes recipe that is poultry-free and suitable for cats prone to allergies and skin issues. It is grain-free and rich in proteins (overall of 36%). The formula is fortified with probiotics and prebiotics for digestive support. The formula is sold in 3.4-pound bags and can be used as complete and balanced nutrition for cats of all breeds, ages, and sizes.Type: Dry cat food

Summary: This is a high-protein, limited ingredient dry food formula infused with superfoods like flaxseed, coconut oil, pumpkin, and turmeric. Turkey, red lentils, and sweet potatoes make up the bulk of the recipe and support overall health. The formula is rich in omega fatty acids for skin and coat health. It also contains probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes for healthy digestion and easy litter box clean-up.Type: Dry cat food

ConsNo info about the natural flavors usedIngredient Analysis: Real meat like whitefish and chicken, is used as the first ingredient. Lentils and chickpeas are added for fiber, while sweet potatoes are used as a healthy source of carbs. Fish oil is included for skin & coat health while the hydrolyzed chicken liver is easily digestible and adds protein to the formula. The only thing we dislike is the lack of information about the natural flavor used in the recipe.Review: Almost 80% of the 700+ reviews on Amazon and Chewy are 4 and 5 stars, with their main reasons being their cats like this I and Love and You Cat Food, and it was successful in relieving allergy symptoms in their cat. The primary complaint from critical reviews is that their cats would not eat the food.

Over the years, thanks to feedback from its delighted customers, I and Love and You have updated and expanded their product line. Though they started off with a basic range of dry and wet food, as well as treats, there is now a range of new great products to choose from, all made with real, natural ingredients, and no fillers. Options include:

According to the company, XOXOs and Feed Meow wet pet food formulas are veterinarian approved and formulated with premium ingredients and sustainably sourced meat. XOXOs and Feed Meow also uses Terra-Cycle 100% recyclable packaging.

The Feed Meow line contains fiber, vitamins and antioxidants to support digestion, healthy skin and shiny coat. Coated in gravy, the food is formulated with wild-caught tuna, salmon and cage-free chicken and comes in 3oz pouches. The Feed Meow line offers three flavors: Feed Meow BOOST with Cage Free Chicken, Feed Meow TUMMY with Wild Caught Tuna and Feed Meow SHINE with Salmon + Tuna. The line also features a variety pack.

There are also many probiotic strains which help introduce enzymes into the gut to break down the food better and make it more digestible and bioavailable. These are generally considered high quality ingredients.

Emily Parker is the Content Manager at Catological. She's passionate about helping cat parents love their cats better by providing the best information and recommendations about everything you'll need to know about your cat, from kitten to senior years. She believes natural, biologically-appropriate products are best...why wouldn't you provide the best for a member of your family?!

All dry kibble, wet food, and cat treats have whole protein as their first ingredient. Since cats are obligate carnivores, this food caters to their need for amino acids and other essential nutrients.

At one point, I and love and you have food had no recalls to claim. However, they did have a brief recall of their dog food treats. To this day, this brand has had no recalls on any of its cat food selections.

This recipe contains whole turkey and liver. You can use this food as a topper to traditional dry kibble or serve it as a standalone diet. It has all of the goodies your cat will meow for and all of the nutrition to keep them healthy and sound.

Overall, we give I and Love and You Cat Food 4.5 out of 5 stars. We love the grain-free, all-natural recipes that are carefully crafted for a great eating experience. Each recipe is unique with whole proteins, probiotics, prebiotics, omega fatty acids, and easy-to-digest grain alternatives.

Christian is the Editor-in-Chief of Excited Cats and one of its original and primary contributors. A lifelong cat lover, now based in South East Asia, Christian and his wife are the proud parents of an 11-year-old son and four rescue cats: Trixie, Chloe, Sparky, and Chopper.

I and Love and You was launched in 2011 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. The company makes a range of dry foods, wet foods, and treats for both cats and dogs, specializing in grain-free, all-natural formulas. The food is manufactured in the United States, with the majority of the ingredients sourced from the U.S. and Canada, although some ingredients are sourced from elsewhere around the world.

Since cats are obligate carnivores, protein is the most essential ingredient to look at. I and Love and You uses a variety of animal proteins in its recipes, including chicken, duck, turkey, salmon, and trout in the dry foods and cod, rabbit, chicken, turkey, beef, and tuna in the wet foods. The dry food range has an average protein content of 34%, and the wet foods have 10% protein overall, most of which comes from animal protein. -WJ03KDX9/

With 100% grain-free recipes, great protein sources, and various tasty dry and wet food recipes, we give I and Love and You cat food 4.5 out of 5 stars. All the foods are also packed with beneficial prebiotics and probiotics, natural sources of essential omega fatty acids, and natural sources of antioxidants. Some of the recipes are a bit high in carbohydrates for our liking, but overall, I and Love and You is a great brand of food for your feline friend, and the company offers a variety of tasty treats too.

This grain-free food cat food features added prebiotics and probiotics to keep your cat's stomach happy. I and Love and You Naked Essentials Dry Cat Food is available in two extremely tasty flavors: Chicken + Duck and Salmon + Trout. Made in the USA, you can rest assured this kibble is made with the best wholesome ingredients and has absolutely no corn, wheat, soy, rice or artifical ingredients. 041b061a72

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