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Best Arma 3 Single Player Missions

Best Arma 3 Single Player Missions

Arma 3 is a military simulation game that offers a realistic and immersive experience of war. The game features a large open world, a variety of weapons and vehicles, and a powerful editor that allows players to create their own scenarios and campaigns. However, if you are looking for some single player missions that are already made by the community, you are in luck. There are hundreds of user-created solo missions that you can download from the Steam Workshop and play by yourself or with AI companions. Here are some of the best Arma 3 single player missions that we recommend you to try.

Bad Holiday

Created by Benny and Lentilburger, Bad Holiday is a mission that puts you in the shoes of a holidaymaker who finds himself in the midst of a violent city siege. You have to scavenge weapons, repel the invaders, and call in the military for help. The mission is creative, enjoyable, and varied, with different objectives and challenges. You can download Bad Holiday from [here].


Clandestine Sunrise

Created by Navarre, Clandestine Sunrise is a mission that lets you play as a special forces operative who has to covertly destroy enemy assets. The mission features decent voice acting, unlimited saves, and excellent tactical deployment of Creedence Clearwater Revival. You have to use stealth, infiltration, and sabotage to complete your objectives, while avoiding detection and enemy patrols. You can download Clandestine Sunrise from [here].

Operation Scar

Created by HallyG, Operation Scar is a night mission that tasks you with assassinating an enemy officer behind enemy lines. You have to use your sniper rifle and your silenced pistol to eliminate your target and his guards, while avoiding searchlights and patrols. The mission is short, but atmospheric and nicely balanced, with a good level of difficulty and realism. You can download Operation Scar from [here].

Aegean Conflict

Created by Apollyon, Aegean Conflict is a user campaign that runs parallel to Survive, the first episode of the official Arma 3 campaign. The campaign features voice acting, cutscenes, and production values on par with Bohemia's own missions. You play as a NATO soldier who has to fight against CSAT forces in the Aegean Sea region. The campaign has multiple missions with different objectives and gameplay styles, such as infantry, vehicles, air, stealth, and more. You can download Aegean Conflict from [here].

Sniper Alley

Created by PFC Veld, Sniper Alley is a non-linear mission that challenges you to hunt down randomly-placed enemy snipers across a large valley area in west Altis. You have to use your binoculars, your rangefinder, and your sniper rifle to locate and eliminate your targets, while avoiding their shots and other threats. The mission is short, but brilliantly tense and replayable, with different snipers every time you play. You can download Sniper Alley from [here].

These are just some of the best Arma 3 single player missions that you can find on the Steam Workshop. There are many more missions that are worth playing, such as Fire Over Chalkeia, Heavy Handed, Resist: Road's End, and more. You can browse the Steam Workshop for more single player scenarios and campaigns, or create your own using the game's editor. Arma 3 is a game that offers endless possibilities for solo players who want to experience realistic and immersive warfare.

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