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Where To Buy A Hedgehog Near Me

We are a small-scale hedgehog breeder located in Cross Junction, VA. Since our herd is small, we can devote plenty of time to each baby that is born here. We feel that it is important to handle the babies from a young age. Socialization makes for good pets. We do our best to give each baby all the attention needed to develop into a friendly pet.

where to buy a hedgehog near me

"I went in to Potenza exotics to purchase a hedgehog I had seen on their website. The store also had some really cool lizards. I would definitely return for any supplies I needed. Great customer service and the owner was really nice."

Hedgehogs, affectionately referred to as "hedgies," are adorable, but many people don't know what it's like having a hedgehog as a pet. It's becoming more common to see hedgehog pets because they are unusual and cute small animals that don't require a lot of room.

You can also find hedgehogs from time to time at local animal shelters and through rescue groups. In this case, pricing will probably be on the lower end for a shelter and higher through a private rescue.

Educating yourself about hedgehogs is one of the best ways to help you decide if this is the right pet for you. If you're looking for a relatively low-maintenance pet who is happy to be on his own when you can't be with him, a hedgehog might be just the right fit. Visit a breeder, rescue or a knowledgeable pet shop and spend some time interacting with these animals before you make your final decision.

The first 15 customers to purchase a baby hedgehog will receive a FREE $60 Heat Setup when using coupon code CELEBRATE at checkout. Almost gone! We are closed in shop today due to the weather.

Granite State Hedgehogs is a state and federally licensed professional hedgehog breeding facility proudly located in Franklin, New Hampshire. As a family, we've been professionally breeding these amazing little creatures since 2012 and have been hedgehog owners for a combined 20 years! We have a passion for hedgehogs and are fully committed to raising the healthiest, friendliest hedgehogs around. Our combined efforts and team work have made it possible to create Granite State Hedgehogs, establishing an excellent breeding program and a top class facility just for them! We supply hedgehogs to zoos, educational programs and people just like you. We hope that you'll enjoy the information found on our site and look forward to pairing you with your very own pet hedgehog.

Lifespan: Up to 5 - 10 years Diet: Our babies are sent home on Fromm - Gold Adult Cat food. We've chosen Fromm for their commitment to quality nutritional value. It is a complete diet and there is no need for supplements. We free-feed our hedgehogs, offering them 1/4 of a cup of food per day. Available through our site and at pickup.Size at Adulthood: Healthy hedgehogs can range in weight from 1/2 lb to 2lbs, about the size of a softball. In comparison they are close in size to guinea pigs. Captive Environments: Hedgehogs should be provided a cage that is draft free but allows airflow, easy to clean and escape proof. We use guinea pig style wire cages with plastic bottoms.

Habitat: There are many options to choose from, we personally use and recommend guinea pig style habitat wire cages, with plastic bottoms. All of our babies are gravity-fed water bottle trained. They'll also need a food dish. For bedding, we recommend the use of recycled paper beddings such as CareFresh or Clean & Cozy. This tends to be the safest option since they are processed and do not pose the same risks as natural wood-based beddings. They will need a hideout, appropriate flat-bottomed running wheel, toys and an proper heat setup. We sell complete hedgehog cage setups which can be picked up in store or delivered with your baby.

Their bedding should be changed at least every 5-7 days. When washing their cage, avoid any harsh chemicals. We personally use Dawn dish liquid to wash our cages. Hedgehogs require baths about 1-2 times per month using warm water, baby shampoo and a soft-bristled tooth brush. Inspect your hedgehogs toe nails and trim as needed (usually 1-2 times per month). You can cut their nails with cat nail trimmers.

Since hedgehogs naturally are foraging animals, they like to walk around and will need a form of exercise. We personally use 12 inch flat-bottomed running wheels which work great in helping them keep up with their routine. Inspect your hedgehogs for toe nail trimmings, you can clip long nails with baby finger nail clippers. Exercise does not necessarily mean running on a wheel only. Hedgehogs also need activities, and enrichment. This is done by foraging, inspecting surroundings, exploring, and encountering new smells & objects. I like to set up play areas for them. I change the placement of hide houses, scatter food in different areas/corners, and also I move the actual play area from time to time. Hedgehogs love exploring and they always seem like they are on a mission to explore and have fun in their play pen. Your hedgehog would enjoy several hours of play each evening in the pen. Hedgehogs are solitary and once they reach maturity they must be housed separately. However if two females are raised together we find they will live together with little to no aggression as adults.

Diet: Our babies are sent home on Fromm - Gold Adult Cat food. We've chosen Fromm for their commitment to quality nutritional value. It is a complete diet and there is no need for supplements. We free-feed our hedgehogs, offering them 1/4 of a cup of food per day. Available through our site and at pickup.

Food: Hedgehogs are ominvorous insectivores and should be fed an appropriate diet. Their diest should consist of a high-quality cat kibble. Optionally, you can supplement with dead or live insects and small amounts of frutis and vegetables. Feeding hedgehogs too much fruit can cause loose stool, and hedgehogs do not seem to like many vegetables. We have a fantastic write-up on food selection along with recommendations in the Recommended Foods Section.

Handling: Hedgehogs are solitary by nature and require daily handling to build a strong desirable bond. Generally speaking, the more that you handle your hedgehogs, the friendlier he/she will be. Since they suffer from poor eyesight, it can be a good idea to place a worn article of clothing inside your hedgehog's cage to help him/her associate your smell as something safe. This will go a long way to making your hedgehog feel safe around you. While most hedgehogs are nocturnal, African Pygmy Hedgehogs have been domesticated since the early 50's and as such have adopted more of a diurnal schedule being up for part of the day and night. At night, typically when all the lights go off hedgehogs come alive! This is the time they would prefer to be handled and played with. This is also the time for them to go into their play pens.

Actual holding and touching a hedgehog can be challenging at first but will quickly become an easy task to achieve. Yes they have sharp spines, however they are easy to handle and even novice owners will be playing and holding their babies in no time. As your hedgehog gets older, their spines will soften as they grow in their adult coat.

Hey guys we're a small hobby breeder located in long island NY . We dedicate alot of our time to socialize our hedgehogs so they go home friendly . If you're interested in adopting a hedgehog for your family please call or text us at 91 7 58 6 9 871...

I have a few hedgehogs that are available. Cinnamon, chocolate and pintos. Will discount greatly if all bought. (Not all are pictured) No shipping. Must pick up in Gainesville FL. Serious inquires only.

Baby hedgehogs available! $200 each. Fcfs. Pick up in Norman.We also have cage set ups available for $100. They're available in blue or purple. They come with a water bottle, bedding, and plastic food bowl. The set up also includes an igloo hideout...

USDA licensed breeder of healthy hedgehogs, all babies are $150 regardless of gender/color/pattern/facial markings/etc. Every baby comes with a starter home with shavings, water bottle, food bowl, 2 month supply of food, sleepsack, 2 page care sheet,...

Hedgehogs are unique and interesting because of their quills, a feature most mammals do not possess. These attributes may intimidate some people but unlike with porcupines, these short spines are mostly harmless and hedgehogs can be handled taking into consideration their temperament. Hedgehogs will roll into a ball when scared and can attempt to prick you when being defensive, but properly tamed pets will be inquisitive and friendly. Like many other small pets, hedgehogs are nocturnal so they might not make the best pet for a child. They are solitary and prefer to live alone.

A good bowl to choose for a hedgehog would be a heavy ceramic bowl that the animal cannot tip over. It is not recommended to use hamster-type water bottles that attach to the side of the cage for hedgehogs as owners report that they drink less, likely due to the fact that drinking in an elevated position is unnatural for them. Some owners have also reported broken teeth and tongues getting stuck in these types of water bottles.

It is extremely important to locate a board certified exotic pet vet for hedgehogs. Signs of illness in hedgehogs and other exotic pets can be subtle and hard for owners to notice until they become obvious, which is generally when the illness is too advanced to treat successfully. If a board-certified (in exotic mammal medicine) veterinarian is not located in your area, try to find a vet with extensive experience with non-traditional animals. As hedgehogs can be very difficult to examine due to their balling up habit, they will likely require light sedation, so you will certainly want a vet experienced with anesthetizing smaller animals. 041b061a72

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